Board of Directors

Nick Lucey, President
Nick began his career in the 1980s as a photojournalist and correspondent in the U.S. Marine Corps, attached to infantry and artillery units deployed throughout the western Pacific and Asia. Later, he worked as a traveling editor, writer, and photographer for Scuba Diving Magazine for 15 years. In 2008, he co-founded a video production company that spent three years filming a scuba diving travel television show called Into the Drink in all corners of the globe. In 2014, he moved to Colorado, where he established a studio in the heart of downtown Castle Rock. Since then, he’s become quite active in the community, running for town council in District 4, was named Citizen of the Year in 2017, and currently serves on the boards of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Merchants Association, Help & Hope Center, and Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation. He opened the Rhyolite Gallery in June of 2020.

Paul Price, Executive Director
Paul Price was raised in the ranch town of Matador, Texas, and currently resides in Castle Rock, Colorado. His background includes work as a surgical practitioner and educator, and nonprofit healthcare CEO. His earlier works are paintings created in the 16th century Flemish multi-layered style and “Steampunk” sculptures inspired by “retro-futuristic” Victorian-era fictional steam-powered machines operated by a common post-apocalyptic figure. Currently, he creates oil paintings depicting city scenes (and the people occupying them), landscapes, and seascapes in an “abstract realist” style.

Cherie Monteferrante, Secretary
Cherie has been an artist for over 30 years along with holding various IT management positions in the workforce.  Her use of both right and left brain ignites her passion to question everything surrounding our lives while sprinkling in the unexpected.  She has been trained in multiple mediums and continues to experiment with more; because life is an experiment right?  She was a founding board member of the Italian American Business Association and enjoys collaborating to support the gifts in everyone.

Jeanne Oliver
Jeanne uses art to tell her current stories and also those of growing up among gravel roads, cornfields and early life surrounded by open spaces. Through mark-making, layers and mixed media, she hopes to convey that we all have a story to tell. Jeanne is married to her dream maker, Kelly, and the mother of three funny and creative children. She homeschools her children even though she has tried to get out of it a few times. You can often find her hiking, creating in her studio and finding an excuse to have another cup of coffee. She speaks and teaches all around the country and sometimes she even gets to cross the pond. She was told that she needed to find that one thing but she doesn’t like listening to directions so she embraces many loves and that has given her a sweet mash-up of family, art, and travel. Connecting with women and sharing that each of us has been creatively made is one of her passions.

Matt Rinn
Slantbrush Studio’s creator Matt Rinn has always been inspired by his love of the outdoors. When looking at his work one can see the influence of the four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. Matt’s unique approach also uses flow and movement from his favorite sports: soccer, board sports, mountain biking, and whitewater kayaking. Some favorite techniques he incorporates in his pieces are long lines, free fluid strokes, unique structural foundations, and upward ramp-like curves. His intention and end goal is to bring to life the sometimes overlooked natural beauty in everything and everyone in this life. Remember to take an extra few minutes to look a little deeper and a little closer into Matt’s creations. Most likely,  an unexplained surprise within his art awaits your discovery!

Kevin Tilson
Kevin Tilson has worked in economic development for over 12 years, working at the municipal, county and state levels. At Adams County Economic Development, Kevin focused on the retention and attraction of primary employers in the community, working closing with municipal partners. He also managed the local Enterprise Zone, a business assistance program, helping businesses in distressed areas create new jobs and expand their operations. At the State Level, Kevin served under Governor Ritter and Governor Hickenlooper in the Office of Economic Development and International Trade working to attract and retain some of the largest employers in the state. At the State, he managed the Enterprise Zone and focused on assisting distressed areas including many historic main streets throughout the State. He also managed the Venture Capital Authority and Colorado Innovation Investment Tax Credit programs, which focused on strengthening the growing investment and venture capital industry in the State. He currently works for the Castle Rock Downtown Alliance serving as the Director of the Castle Rock Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Downtown Merchants Association (DMA). The Castle Rock Downtown Alliance works to create an active and vibrant downtown through a two-pronged approach, with the DDA focusing on infrastructure and the built environment and the DMA focusing on producing events and activities that foster vibrancy.

Tiffany White
Tiffany White is a local entrepreneur and business owner with over 20 years of small business experience. Her passion is helping local business owners be successful by reducing the stress of ownership. She brings her knowledge of the small business community to the Castle Rock Artist Cooperative, where she is actively assisting local artists in marketing and showcasing their talents through social media/website/art shows. 

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