Andy Pelster grew up on a cattle ranch in Southeastern Colorado where his family has been involved in agriculture since the late 1800s. With a formal education in Technical Drafting, he has worked in the engineering industry in the Denver area for more than a quarter century. He began focusing on fine art part-time in 2019. Andy’s art is intended to document, preserve, and honor the culture and values of ranch life in the American West through authentically captured snapshots of family and friends who continue to maintain it. He believes the people who preserve Colorado’s shortgrass prairies and provide food for the world deserve a tremendous amount of respect. He strives for realism, not only in his subjects but also through meticulous rendering. Working primarily with graphite, his goal is an image reminiscent of a gelatin silver photographic print, adding a nostalgic, yet timeless, feeling to his modern subjects.

A.R. Pelster Western Art LLC
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