Binod Shilpakar

Binod Shilpakar is a multimedia painter from Nepal who is influenced by nature, and the places he has lived. Binod has painted off and on since the 7th grade, and has created a larger body of work since participating in @conspiracyart4 shows at @thriveballpark. A limitless creative, no-boundaries painter, Binod is looking to further his painting skills with different techniques using textures. Favoring color combinations that mix layers, and blend varying colors, Binod’s paintings reflect his love and use of color. His current work is inspired by meditation practice and seasonal transitions from winter to spring. Binod is motivated as an abstract artist to express emotions with ease in his work leading to peace of mind for him. Looking forward to his goal of sharing his art through many avenues.

Binod Shilpakar /
telephone 601.622.0501