I am an oil painter and like to bring importance to overlooked, somewhat forgotten items. I’m currently working on a series of paintings of glass, which include glass marbles, insulators, knobs and vintage dishes. I like to paint large-scale pieces that showcase these objects in a modern way. I’m also inspired by the way light bends and distorts through glass and and give extra attention to the colors and reflections at play.

I have been in Castle Rock for 12 years with my husband and two boys. I graduated with the Senior Art Award from Gonzaga University in 2000 with a BA in Art. I am exhibiting at La Posada Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico and at The Depot Gallery in Littleton, Colorado. I am excited to promote the arts in Castle Rock and be part of this creative group!

website brigitterunnallsartworks.com
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telephone 303.842.0401
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