I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember.  Whenever my grandfather visited he would bring a big box of crayons and we would draw for hours.  The love of color propels my art to this day and I am continually delighted by the variety of colors in nature.  

In 2011 I left the corporate world and started painting in earnest, emerging myself in classes at the Art Student’s League of Denver and traveling to the Lyme Art Institute to study with impressionists from the Lyme art colony and visiting instructors from the Scottsdale School of Art.

In 2014 I began a year-long instructional course with Kevin Weckbach and am fortunate enough to have been accepted into his continuing masters course of study.  Kevin is an exceptional teacher, always willing and eager to share his vast knowledge and experience.

Although I enjoy painting almost anything I find myself drawn to old barns.  They are disappearing from the landscape quickly and preserving their memory makes painting them very special.

Living and working in spectacular Colorado is a bonus.  The weather is exceptional, allowing me to be outside most days sketching, painting field studies and taking photo references before heading back to the studio.  

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