There are so many talented artists and so much exciting art to enjoy! Our lives are enriched by it, whether we’re creating or admiring beautiful art.

I am a Colorado native, and grew up immersed in the natural beauty of my home state. My career was in the travel industry allowing me to travel to many wonderful destinations. Travel enriched my life and taught me to appreciate beauty not just in nature and art, but also in the smallest details of a place or object. Color, texture, light and line inspire my art. Each piece I create is an expression of myself through colors and forms. Over the years I have experimented with various tools, materials and art mediums. At The School of Applied Arts, I studied surface design and decorative painting, particularly enjoying the artistic detailing of organic and historical ornamentation. I have found flowing colors in paint on canvas or dyes on silk to be most satisfying.

Most often I work “alla prima” or wet paint applied to previously applied layers of wet paint. Brushing on and manipulating my paint or dye results in an organic composition, embracing unpredictability.
My home studio is a place of joy, discovery and relaxation. Colors flow as therapy for mind, body and soul. I find creating art to be incredibly rewarding.

I thank my family and most recently my friends for encouraging me to put my art out into the world.

Cindy Eberly
phone (720) 240-7093