I think there’s sawdust in my blood. My Dad was a master carpenter and I’ve been doing woodworking most of my life. When I had a regular job I did it for stress relief. Now, in retirement, I do it for sheer pleasure.

I spent 35 years in different phases of construction, mostly in purchasing and construction management. But eventually I got over it!

Western Log Creations started when we built a new house and had to take down 2 trees, then cleared 2 more that died of the Ips Beetle. I split some 4’ logs with a chain saw and made half-log benches. Later I had some logs sawed into rough lumber so I could make more stuff. Finally I made a business out of it and got my own sawmill and set up a real woodworking shop.

I’ve been at this since 2003 and continue to improve the shop and develop new ideas for product. My standard products can be viewed on my website at WesternLogCreations.com but I really enjoy the custom requests. I plan on doing this as long as the Good Lord and my health allows. I love it and get great satisfaction of people enjoying my creations!

Western Log Creations
Email djg_horizon@yahoo.com
Phone (720) 331-4673
Website westernlogcreations.com