Eric Echeverria is a Colorado native who has been working to develop and refine his artistic skills for most of his life.

Growing up on the eastern side of Denver, he took an interest in the power and beauty of nature’s storms from an early age. His love for these natural events has only strengthened over the years becoming his focus for his most recent works.

Beginning with pencil and ink drawings he quickly reached out to oil and watercolor painting to expand his experience. Through the years Eric has dabbled in many nontraditional mediums including paper and wire sculpture but feels as though he has found his niche working with pastels.

Eric has recently opened Echeverria Fine Arts with the hope to share his experiences and emotions through his work with the world, with the ultimate goal of helping people to see the beauty within everyday locations and experiences that are far too often overlooked.

Echeverria Fine Arts
telephone 720.885.2156