Evette Goldstein was twelve years old before anyone, including her, became aware of her artistic talent. Her first experience was in drawing characters featured in the Sunday newspaper comic section, but she drew them ten times larger than the originals. She pursued art only as a hobby until much later.

Evette’s education and career were in Aerospace Engineering and she experimented with her artwork to combine her engineering background with her artistic talent and her love of abstract. By incorporating the elements of engineering (math, precision, and geometry) into her artwork, she has created a series of unique abstract watercolors. She adds additional, free-form elements to soften the precision and create motion in her paintings. The experimentation continues and her artwork continues to evolve.

Evette’s current series – Folie à Deux, Let’s Dance, and Imagination – are abstract expressionism and incorporate multi-color layers of acrylic and heavy textures on canvas that invite the viewers to immerse themselves in the depth, motion, and emotion of each unique piece. For her, the true joy of abstract impressionism is the changing perception of each painting depending on the emotional status of the viewer, thus seeing new scenes or shapes as well as interpreting them in new ways.

Evette has had multiple solo shows and has participated in numerous juried shows including two juried by Gwen F. Chanzit, Ph.D., Curator, Modern & Contemporary Art at the Denver Art Museum.

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