Jacqueline Shuler is a seasoned painter, graphic designer, calligrapher, author and teacher, living a creative life for the past fifty years. So much fun! Breaking barriers of style and artistic rules keep her working daily, manipulating colors and shapes. Inspired by nature and her inner vision, Jacqueline creates images that can best be described as “Energy in Color.” She is currently creating digital paintings, which can be seen on her Pixels.com site.

With fifty years of experience in design, color theory, composition, calligraphy, drawing and painting, I can now create intuitively with a solid foundation of composition skills and color sensitivity. As a person focused on the spiritual aspects of life, I am most comfortable in simple awareness. It is in this state that I lose all track of time, focused on the image evolving before me. We have a dialogue, my images and I. When we have exhausted all the possibilities, the painting is finished. When designing courses in Creative Thinking, I have insisted that all my students, no matter what the media, learn the creation process. I now easily tune into the vast energy sea of consciousness and wait in the silence for the flow to start. I intuitively know what to do, and I do it without hesitation. I am daily working on my digital paintings, created on a Microsoft Surface Studio, using visual software. These allow me to create complex compositions, often with over sixty layers of images, which I can edit and rearrange multiple times to enhance the image. Successful digital art encompasses composition skills, color theory, drawing ability, and creativity, all of which I have spent years teaching others. I have also had to master the complex techniques of digital rendering.

Some of my custom commissioned work includes paintings and murals in homes and corporations, the largest of which was commissioned by Lakeside Lodge, Chelan, Washington, depicting a Native American Encampment, 630 square feet. Various major donor commissions include murals for Hospice and Cancer Care Centers, sizes averaging six feet by eight feet, incorporating painting and calligraphy: Melbourne, Florida, Greeley, Colorado. I enjoyed composing in color 1600 square feet of contemporary stained glass for St. Luke Church, Erie, Pennsylvania.

As a published author, I’ve written Edit, an art textbook for high school or college, Living Love, a hand-lettered inspirational book, and Understanding Preschool Art: from Scribbling to Self-esteem.I created Lilu the Lizard, a children’s book, illustrated by my nine-year-old grandchild. My instructional video DVD, Learn Italic Calligraphy is the culmination of many years of teaching calligraphy. Combining critical thinking with creative thinking, along with integrating technology into the process of art has been a theme in my years of teaching.

My educational experience includes a B.A. and M.A. in Art Education. I am the first woman in the U.S. to be awarded the John D. Rockefeller III Fellowship for doctoral studies at Carnegie Mellon University. Now that my teaching career is over, I can spend all day creating — what a luxury!

Jacqueline Shuler
website jacquelineoriginals.com
email jackie@n6media.com