Jana Hanavan

Hello, I’m JANA! I am a lyrical watercolor artist. Watercolor is my treasure trove of discovery & alchemy. Watercolor is an alluring medium; I love the transparency, luminosity, portability & foremost the fluidity of watercolor. Painting with watercolor is like a partner dance, we are in sync dancing to the same rhythm & beat, but also allow each other our own personal space to move. It’s magical & captivating how colors merge with one another, and a blank page comes alive.

I paint poetic portraits & magical realms of magnified beauty, whimsical imagination with featherlight wonder; to the hidden depths of despair of loss & pain–undercurrents of our wounds. Exploring a world of emotions that connect us.

May a kaleidoscope of butterflies always surround you. —Jana

Blue Butterfly
email janahanavan@gmail.com
telephone (510) 697-4438
instagram instagram.com/bluebutterflycrysalis