John Hames stars, directs and writes American Car Prospector, which is a Reality Run and Gun Docudrama. American Car Prospector follows eclectic Colorado Cowboy and Car enthusiast John Hames as he scours distant sites, out of the way locations, back lots and back yards to find what is left of the vehicles that have been instrumental in creating our Car Culture. Unlike the average car show on the air today, The American Car Prospector does not seek to fully restore and sell to the highest bidder, or put away these vehicles for ‘posterity’ or ‘investment’. Some of our favorite guests are still driving ’55 Savoys or ’69 Camaros. They aren’t winning any restoration awards, they won’t be on the line at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance or be featured at Amelia Island, but they hold the highest regard in the hearts and minds of their owners.

These are the stories The American Car Prospector seeks to tell their viewers, many of whom will have their own stories and cars to share.

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