J. M. Jensen is a native Colorado gallery artist, illustrator and instructor. He received a Bachelor’s in illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and a Master’s in Painting at Colorado State University. J. M. Jensen’s currently gallery work combines a wide variety of stylistic approaches including abstraction and trompe l’oeil. His current work is exploring a new technique of aggressive scratching and scraping and building layers in combination with highly detailed trompe l’oeil elements. The work is meant to be an exploration of the different natures of matter and spirit as well as the contrasts that can be found throughout nature such as in the idea of Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, grace and nature. J.M. Jensen is inspired by all things that remind him of the strangeness, mystery and beauty of the world. He shows regularly in Colorado and has exhibited throughout the west. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Foundations art at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

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