I am a Colorado artisan who has worked in several mediums. I attended CSU as an art major and also CCU Denver taking classes in multi-media. As of 2005, I have focused my interests in fused glass art and acrylic painting.

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado and having the beauty of the snow-topped mountains meet the blue sky, add the color of the land around you, the changes of the trees in the spring, summer and fall, the beautiful flowers, one cannot help but be inspired by all the colors. Maybe that is why I love working with glass. The prisms of color and the way it interplays with light. From the transparent to the opaque to the iridescent and dichroic glass, the brilliance is spectacular.

The color changes that take place when transparent glass is layered on top of another and when texture is added to the pieces, one never knows what surprises are in store when you open up the kiln to see a fired project.

Glass can be a very versatile medium to work with but it does have its constraints as well. It is very challenging and mystifying.

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