I started making jewelry in the mid-1970’s after working for a jewelry company in Tucson Arizona.
After the birth of my son, I put away my jewelry supplies so that I could take care of home and return to college. It was almost 20 years later that I took up jewelry making again in Boise Idaho. I was part of a group of artists that opened up a storefront in downtown Boise called Idaho Made. 
After moving to Colorado, I continued making jewelry and selling at Boho Marketplace in Castle Rock, Farmers Markets, Art Fest, and other venues. 

People always wonder what the meaning of the name Homegrown Jewelry is – and I tell them that the jewelry is an organic product made at my home. My inspiration for my work comes from nature, it’s colors, and simplicity. I’ve had a lifelong interest in geology and gemstones, and their meanings are the theme of what I design.   I continue to learn new techniques and create new designs and often put a twist on what’s trending.

Homegrown Jewelry
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