Modern day success story? It was supposed be. “Successful Woman” Maureen Palazzolo, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who had been practicing anesthesia for 9 years and critical care for 7, was sleep deprived, stressed out, and emotionally drained. She knew there had to be more and had begun exploring the creative side of her life when COVID hit. She began painting and shared some of her work online. Almost immediately she had people wanting to purchase her work, and her side hustle was born.

She is now well on her way to finding balance, peace of mind and fulfillment through the beautiful outlet of painting. She works primarily in acrylics on canvas, painting colorful and passionate pieces that bring joy to her clients. She is slowly and steadily growing her art business both online and in-person, giving her art to the world and teaching others how to find emotional peace through art.

Mo Palazzolo Art
phone 720.244.3039