Natalie Raffield was born in South Africa and now lives in Castle Rock, Colorado. She obtained her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Digital Arts from Red Rocks Community College. The artist divides her work between photography, painting, and videography with the subject matter between wildlife and people.

Preserving our natural heritage on Earth is to her, becoming one of our fundamental issues for survival. She feels honored to be able to help organizations with her art to promote understanding and love for nature. In northern Ontario, Canada, in 2006 she managed a community banner art project with fifty artists.

In 2004 she was one of nineteen Ducks Unlimited artists to have their work printed and sold in aid of Canadian wetland conservation. She has donated works to Southern Tanzania Elephant Project, Opportunity Canada, Bogoso Women’s Breast Cancer Prevention, AfricAid, Nature Artists and David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

telephone 303.945.6325