Becky Yeomans

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Picasso

I would say that some form of art has always occupied my life. My mother was a talented watercolorist & I have many fond memories going to art classes with her or hanging out in her studio space on our covered patio as a child. Over the years, I would dabble in sketching & other mediums in school, & later, in college, I studied photography. But upon entering the corporate world in my 20’s, that became just a hobby. In the 90’s, my sister introduced me to the world of scrapbooking & from there I began following several mixed media artists & expressing my creativity through art journaling, assemblage & collage.

I don’t think I truly discovered my passion for painting until a series of life events took place in my 40’s. Art became my escape, my therapy in navigating the twists & turns life has thrown at me. I began devouring online classes & attending a few art retreats, learning how to paint abstractly, intuitively. Over the past 12+ years, I have entered a few local art shows & festivals, as well as ran a small “paint & sip” business from my home while raising my family in the beautiful state of Colorado.

I tend to work on several canvases at a time, placing layers of markings with different mediums & paint on the canvas until it’s either “done”, or a vision begins to form. I love to add personal writings, patterned papers & doodles to the backgrounds – anything that adds more texture to play with as I layer the paint on! I love it when there are hidden gems in the layers that either I know are there or are discoverable as you gaze at a piece.

Inspiration can come from many different things – an image, a color palette, a feeling or an experience & then the canvas becomes a little more structured, such as a flowers in a vase, a little house on a hill or a bit of whimsy, such as a colorful animal. However inspiration comes, it is always a fantastic journey!