Geri deGruy

Geri deGruy

I couldn’t make art. And I wouldn’t sew.

I was known in my family for these things (among others.)

But my lack of artistic training didn’t stop me from creating.

For several years, I “published” a weekly newsletter called

“The deGruy Family News.” It was funny and newsy and full

of amazing stick figure drawings that were some of my best

comic work.

I didn’t go to professional art school but I went to

Ger’s School for the Artistically Impaired.

I read everything I could get my hands on about art technique and started making.

Reading, making, classes, making, looking, making.

For years. And still.

It adds up and works together, all that learning and making.

From cards, to jewelry to polymer clay to art quilts/fiber art to collage and mixed media to painting (AND BEYOND!)

I am an artist.