Jantzen Peake

Born in Southern California, Hermosa Beach CA. Graduated from Long Beach State University in 2010 with a BA in Studio Arts with a focus in animation/printmaking. My passion for the arts started when I was very young struggling in public schooling with a learning disability and being separated from what was considered normal in those days. Taken out of a normal classroom and given a block of clay with no instructions creating my first sculptures of dinosaurs. I knew then I could escape the normal and live a life of the weird pulling from the well of my soul to create a new dream-like reality.
I started to find my style/ influence that would fuel my vision in the early 90s in a culture of hip hop, skateboarding, graffiti art, and vintage cartoons These things left a indelible mark on me and represent my most organic and freeing form of self-expression.
I treasure the eccentric, nostalgic, the passionate, the deviant, never losing touch with the child within my heart.