We’re holding our first-ever, first-annual Castle Rock Film Festival, and you’re invited!

The Castle Rock Artist Cooperative is proud to announce its first-ever, first-annual Castle Rock Film Festival, taking place April 14 and 15, 2023, at the Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock, Colorado. The venue is located at 735 Park Street, Castle Rock, Colorado 80109.


The film festival will be taking place over the course of two evenings, with winning short films and experimental films being presented on Friday evening, and documentaries and music videos being presented on Saturday evening. So you will be enjoying fresh, original content if you attend both evenings. Admission is $20 per person, per evening. A limited number of all-access VIP tickets are available for $50, which will get you in both nights, plus get you backstage and an opportunity to meet filmmakers.


If you are interested in sponsoring this first-annual Castle Rock Film Festival, or advertising in our printed program, please email Nick Lucey at castlerockartcoop@gmail.com.


From each of the four categories, a single film will be selected as the winner. These winners will receive an opportunity for a short, filmed Q&A either filmed onstage at the festival’s venue or in one of our professional recording studios. This video will be posted on the festival sponsor’s YouTube page. The filmmakers will also receive The Rock Award for their category. The Rock is a custom-made trophy that will have the winners’ names engraved in them as well as the name of their film.

As stated, each category will receive THE ROCK award. The categories are as follows:

• THE ROCK for Outstanding Documentary (no more than 30 minutes in length)
• THE ROCK for Outstanding Short Film (no more than 30 minutes in length)
• THE ROCK for Outstanding Music Video
• THE ROCK for Outstanding Experimental Video

There is no time requirement for either the Music Video or Experimental Video, but we emphasize quality in submissions and selections. With the programming of our festival, we currently do not accept any film greater than 30 minutes in length. One film may only be submitted in one category. A filmmaker will be able to make several submissions, but will only be able to win in one category. Finalists will be announced before the festival, and winners will be told before the screening date and invited for their Q&A either at a prescheduled time or during the festival.